Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Little Margin for Error

Last time I wrote about the importance of creating love margins for others. This time I will write about the importance of us doing what we are created to do- to love God and love others. In some cases, there is little margin for error.

I don’t intend this article to be too heavy, but I want us to be aware we are essential and that what we do or don’t do can have eternal significance and consequence. Life and death are not solely in our hands, but we may play a part or crucial role in certain circumstances. We are no one’s savior, but there are times when we do play a part in introducing them to the One who can save them!

I’m currently 35 years old, and there have been several life-or-death circumstances I’ve been involved in during my lifetime. I’ve answered several calls over the years where people were contemplating suicide, and I was able to pray with them and get them the help they so desperately needed. I once led a man in a salvation prayer while he was in the hospital, and he passed away later that evening. Recently, there was an eight-month span where I was one of the first people to come upon a severe vehicle accident.

In November 2021, I was driving just outside Denver, CO, around 1 am, and we saw a vehicle flipped on its side on the interstate. My friend and I helped two people get out of their SUV and prayed with them while others called 911. In February 2022, I saw a van flipped upside down in a snowy ditch near Ottertail, MN. I stopped my car and yelled to see if anyone was in the van. Several seconds later, the horn started honking! I called 911 and struggled through stomach-deep snow to find an elderly man upside down in his vehicle. Thankfully, he only had minor injuries!

My friend and I are standing in the group of four people to the right of the Uhaul trailer.
In front of us you can see the SUV laying on its side.

In July 2022, I witnessed a motorcycle accident near Bemidji, MN. One of the bikers was unconscious and had very labored breathing. Another lady and I began praying for him, and soon he began to breathe normally, and a few minutes later, he regained consciousness. He was life-flighted to a nearby hospital and spent several weeks in the ICU. He had a miraculous recovery and was the talk of the hospital!

God wants to use us. God chooses to use us.

Lord, please help us open our eyes, hearts, and lives to You and our neighbor. May we be carriers of Your love, Your glory, and Your goodness! Amen!

The time is now; shake the earth!

- Joel