Sunday, April 19, 2015

No Electronic Entertainment For A Year!?

I attended a men's conference last weekend hoping to find some direction for my life, for my church, and a rekindled fire for my faith. Little did I know, I would be leaving with a God given New Year's Resolution: give up electronic entertainment and time wasting for a year. For a year!

Hey God! You know New Year's Resolutions are SUPPOSED to happen in January, not on April 11th right?!

That isn't exactly what I had in mind when I decided to attend this conference, but I trust God. I may not be the most educated guy around, but I know enough to listen to the Lord AND be obedient when He shows me something.

Most of my friends and family know I like electronics. I enjoy watching movies, watching Netflix, playing video games on my 55 inch TV, and playing around on my iPhone. In the past I had given up some of these areas of entertainment for short periods of time, for a month or so... But a year. This was definitely new.

Doesn't God realize I most likely won't have a tweet featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon again if I'm not being informed and entertained by electronics?! Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, moment after moment.

Yeah, I think He probably does.

Do I realize I won't fulfill all God has planned for me, my family, and my church if I don't stop spending the majority of my time scrolling mindlessly and lighting up my face with screens of different shapes and sizes?

Yeah, I think I probably do. If I'm being honest and transparent... I KNOW that's true. But sometimes, most of the time, I'm either indifferent or I just don't care. That hurts to say. That sucks to say. But that's the truth.

Many times I'm lazy. Many times I'm disconnected from God. Many times I'm disconnected from my family. I'll blame it on the introvert in me, but I enjoy just vegging out on the couch and not doing anything.

Too bad Jesus called us to GO OUT into all the world, (Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:47, John 20:21, Acts 1:8) because it is way easier to just stay in.

I realized these different areas of entertainment had become idols and time stealers in my life. I've decided to live intentionally and purposefully without distraction and time wasting... Or at least a LOT LESS distraction and time wasting than before!

In the short week since the conference, I have obeyed God's leading by cutting out electronic entertainment and getting rid of many of the time wasters in my life. Consequently, I have accomplished quite a bit! I've been able to: spend more time in study and prayer, read books regularly, start this blog, spend quality and quantity of time with my wife and son, spend time with friends, and get some random projects around the house done.

It's been great! It's been a refreshing and productive week! It's amazing to realize how much time I ACTUALLY do have when I'm not straight up wasting it!

Starting this resolution got me wondering, what would someone's view and understanding of Jesus and Christianity be based upon how I lived my life today? Up until April 11th I would venture to say this would be SOME of their thoughts based on my life:

"Jesus drinks a lot of coffee, and worries about money a lot, and snaps at his wife a lot, and eats a lot of bacon."
"I'm not too surprised Jesus plays FIFA soccer on Xbox, but it's kind of weird He plays Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto."
"Jesus watches a lot of Netflix."
"Jesus drinks beer sometimes?"
"For being a carpenter's son, Jesus sure isn't very handy!"
"Jesus has a sweet beard."

We are the only Jesus some people will ever see. We are the only Bible some people will ever read. This is a good question to ask ourselves, "Based on MY life TODAY, what would people think of Jesus?!"

I know for myself, this past week has been WAY different than the many weeks prior. I'm looking forward to the remaining 51 weeks of this entertainment fast. I'm excited to see what God is able to do in me and through me during this year.

We hunger for what we feed on. That's why I like bacon so much.

I believe that hunger or appetite for entertainment and time wasting is one of the reasons God is having me take a break from these areas in my life. Over time they have gotten out of balance.

I'm not worried about messing up during this resolution or fast or whatever you wanna call it. I'm sure I'll watch a video or do something I'm not supposed to eventually. But if I am led by Him, I know God will give me the strength and wisdom to do what He has directed me to do.

There is grace and mercy from the Lord when we trip up and mess up, but there is even greater grace and mercy to fulfill what God has shown us to do!

Challenge: Talk with God and ask if there are any areas in your life needing to be cut back on or completely cut out all together. You won't regret it!

Be led!
- Joel

Here's the link (click here) to the video of my tweet that was on Jimmy Fallon. It's the one about pancakes. My grandparents were hilarious.


  1. Joel Juni,

    My brother, my pastor, my companion. I am so proud to see you obeying God in all areas of your life. It is easy to follow God when He asks us to do things that do not really cost us anything. It is easy for me to love my family because they love me back. It is not so easy for me to love some of the people I have had the opportunity to work with who fight and scream.

    I know that your personal fast may not be perfect, but God is not about points or track records. He is about the heart and yours is definitely one that is in love with Him.

    I will take on the challenge to be the bible to people with my life every day. Is today or what I am doing something I would want to be called "an example of Christ"? Thank you for that challenge.

    I love you, bro. Jake

  2. It is much more difficult to love the unlovable and pray for those who persecute us, especially in comparison to loving our own, but that is definitely where the rubber meets the road. Are we talking the talk AND walking the walk?! Both are so very important!

    Love you too brother!