Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Storms of Obedience

In my last blog, I wrote about Storms of Association. This time we will be looking at a third and final type of storm, a Storm of Obedience.

Toward the end of Mark chapter 4, we find the disciples facing a Storm of Obedience. Jesus instructs the disciples to get into a boat with Him and cross over to the other side of the body of water.

Not long after setting sail, the disciples are facing an ever-increasing storm and the boat begins to be beaten by the wind and the waves. The storm is so bad that it begins to fill the boat with water. I’ve never been in this type of situation, but I’m sure it could be terrifying! Remember that a number of the disciples were fishermen by trade. They were accustomed to being in boats. They were used to a little bit of wind and water in the boat. Even so, they became fearful and ran to Jesus for help!

When the disciples go to Jesus to seek help, they find Him fast asleep in the midst of the storm. Being fearful of their lives they decide to wake Jesus up. Immediately, Jesus rebukes the wind and tells the sea to be peaceful and still. (Mark 4:38-39)

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The disciples were awestruck by the actions of Jesus. Jesus used this moment as a lesson for them and they soon continued on their journey to the other side where they later ministered to a demon-possessed man.

The storm of the disciples arrived in the midst of their perfect obedience. The disciples did exactly what Jesus told them to do and they still faced a storm. There will be certain storms we face in life that are caused by our obedience, by being in the perfect will of God.

When Jesus woke up, He didn’t ask who was sinning or in disobedience. He also didn't say it was sent by God. Jesus never addressed why the storm happened, He just rebuked it. In fact, if the storm was sent by God, Jesus wouldn’t have rebuked it.

The word for rebuke used in this passage is the same word for when Jesus rebuked demons and evil spirits. Jesus overcame this storm by spiritual authority.

We usually know where our destination is supposed to be or where we are heading when we face a storm like the disciples. They got in the storm by obedience and got out of the storm by spiritual authority.

Every time there is a storm on the outside, there is usually an even bigger storm on the inside of us. Once we overcome the internal storm, the external storm can be taken care of. Jesus had authority over the storm He was able to sleep through and stay peaceful in.

We have now looked at 3 different storms, 3 different reasons, and 3 different solutions. Repent like Jonah, persevere like Paul, and speak and be at peace like Jesus.

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